Born and raised in Japan, Michiko’s love of fashion began at a young age. After studying fashion design in her hometown of Osaka, she moved to London in the mid 1970s, determined to make her mark on the fashion world.

Michiko Koshino’s impact on the fashion industry cannot be understated. Her innovative designs and unique approach to fashion have made her a beloved figure in London’s fashion community and beyond. As one of the many talented Japanese designers who made their way to Europe in the late 1970s, Michiko quickly made a name for herself with her boundary-pushing designs.

Michiko’s designs quickly became associated with the vibrant London club scene of the late 1980s. Her distinctive style and bold use of materials and silhouettes made her a favorite of many notable figures, including fashion designer Stella McCartney, musician David Bowie, and DJ Moby. Michiko’s designs transcended fashion trends and became synonymous with a whole generation.

As a pattern-cutter, Michiko has a deep understanding of the interplay between materials, silhouettes, and quality. Her meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship have earned her a reputation as a master of her craft. She has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible with fashion, and her designs have often been ahead of their time.

One of Michiko’s most iconic creations is her inflatable coats. These unique pieces are instantly recognizable and have become a staple of her label. Michiko’s inflatable coats are not only eye-catching but also functional, with their ability to keep the wearer warm and dry in even the most inclement weather.

In addition to her inflatable coats, Michiko’s denim pieces are also highly regarded. Her use of innovative washes and treatments, combined with her unique approach to denim silhouettes, has made her denim pieces highly sought after by fashion aficionados.

Despite her many successes, Michiko remains committed to pushing the boundaries of fashion and exploring new ways of expressing herself through her designs. Her atelier continues to produce collections that are both innovative and commercially successful, demonstrating that Michiko’s unique approach to fashion has a broad appeal.

Michiko Koshino’s influence on the fashion industry extends far beyond her designs. Her approach to fashion has inspired countless designers and creatives, and her legacy as one of the most influential designers of her generation is secure. As she continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with fashion, it is clear that Michiko Koshino’s impact on the industry will be felt for many years to come.